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PrettyGirlFood is an online food community.  A big thank-you to all the cooks, bloggers, photographers, designers, sponsors, and viewers who make this blog possible.

Content Disclaimer

The purpose of this blog is to provide a centralized location for all things food related.  We do not claim ownership of any photos, recipes, etc. posted.  All content belonging to me (the owner) can be found here.  We use sites such as Google, Flickr, Pinterest, & WeHeartIt to find content.  No copyright infringement intended.  Credit is provided via the content source link (click-through will direct back to PGF) when the owner is known.  Our apologies in advance if your content has been displayed without the proper credits.

Credit Claim

Content displayed without proper credits are subject to credit claims.  Please message or e-mail (contact info here) the link of the post or the post ID number (ex. along with the name and link of the person/blog to be credited.  Once received I will update the post within 48 hours.

Credit claims can be submitted by anyone.  We encourage those who know the proper source of uncredited content to submit a credit claim.  If you would like your content removed, don’t hesitate to let us know.  Petitions for removal can only be sent by the content owner themselves and will be honored within 48 hours of acknowledgement.

Submissions Policy

We allow our viewers to submit their own content under the “Pretty Personal" section.  Do not submit content that does not belong to you.  Stolen content will be removed immediately and senders will be banned from submitting and/or blocked from PrettyGirlFood.  Submissions will have a link to their owners (the submitter) via the content-source link & caption.  The click-through link will direct back to PGF.  Submissions may also appear on other PGF accounts.  Although we will only use your submissions on our blog, we cannot be responsible for what others may do with your content.  Don’t submit anything you wouldn’t want floating in cyberspace.  By submitting content to PGF you acknowledge and agree to our conditions.  Click here to submit | View submissions.

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